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Welcome to the Cherry Creek Sno-goers

Welcome to the Cherry Creek Sno-goers

Welcome to the Cherry Creek Sno-goersWelcome to the Cherry Creek Sno-goers

About Us


We are the Cherry Creek Sno-Goers Snowmobile Club

We are located in the most western-most part of New York State

About one-half way between Buffalo, New York and Erie, Pennsylvania.

We are in the snowbelt created by Lake Erie

Between all five clubs based here in Chautauqua County we represent almost 3,400 Family Memberships, 5,800 people, and over 5,300 snowmobiles.


How we got here:

The following information is interpreted from reading through all the past minutes of the now Cherry Creek SnoGoers:

The first meeting of the Cherry Creek Snowmobile Club was held on January 18, 1972 at the residence of Jack O'Connor in Cherry Creek. It was decided that the club would be called Cherry Creek NY Snow-Goers. Steve Linten was elected as first president, Malcom Hoth as VP, Geralds Erwin as Secretary/Treasurer, Vic Gross as membership chair. The original membership was limited to Cherry Creek NY residents. The treasury was started with a $8.00 donation from Jack O'Connor.

By March of 1972 - membership was extended to all people within the Pine Valley School district.

April 1972 -First County meeting held in Forestville/ First 50/50 raffle- winner Berdena Brooks

Many firsts to start : First bridge- built on Velma Wells property -allowing access to get out of town

First Raffle- black and white portable TV -  cost to club of $84.00

First Emblem - snowmobile in the center of a flag

Accomplishments of first year: completion of some additional trails, placement of bridges or pallets across creeks or low marsh area, Club patch designed - ordered and sold. Started Incorporation process.

1972- Cost of lawyer fees to incorporate -$300.00

1973 - Cherry Creek Snow Goers entered the Cherry Creek 4th of July parade. They had a teen age girl by the name of Debbie Czechowski deemed as the Snow Queen -dressed in a white swim suit.

1975 - Ellie Mae Gross became secretary and all references are now made as Cherry Creek SnoGoers- coincident? I don't know -maybe someone can enlighten me.

Jan 25,1975 -First Poker Run starting at John McGuires-Stops at Dybkas, VFW,and Vics snowmobile. It appears that Poker runs were held quite frequently after that. The night before the Run -a group would get together and go and break trail for the run the next day.

Jan 1977 -Chautauqua County Snowmobile Association disbanded due to lack of membership

Jan 18,1977 - 23 sleds rode from Cherry Creek to the White Horse in Cassadaga for dinner -making 54 sleds that went to the White Horse that night.

Feb 19, 1978- Chautauqua Snowmobile Cub hosted a Snowmobile carnival in Stockton at 2:00. It was determined that members interested had to meet by 11:00 sharp to be able to make it.

1978 - Trying to plan a 20 mile ride for a Poker Run

Jan 9, 1979 - Club prize given at Poker Run for most members to attend from another area -Awarded to Evans for 15 members present

March 13, 1985 - Looks like the formation of the original board of directors- then called The Executive Committee